Writing Dance Weekend with Alastair Macaulay

Arts Practice | Event: 30.11.2018—01.12.2018

Writing Dance Weekend with Alastair Macaulay, dance critic of the New York Times and internationally renowned dance historian and writer.

Presented by The Work Room in partnership with Theatre Studies at University of Glasgow and Katrina McPherson.

Critical reflections: dance and words

Friday 30th Nov; 6.30 – 8pm, Gilmorehill Centre, University of Glasgow

Alastair Macaulay, dance critic of the New York Times will be in conversation with screen dance artist Katrina McPherson. They will show and discuss a selection of excerpts of filmed performances by key choreographers, companies and dancers from a range of styles, including ballet, post-modern, tango and tap, chosen by Alastair to represent the different areas of his interest and expertise over the years.

General admission £5, FREE to TWR members

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There are also a limited number of FREE tickets available to Glasgow University Theatre Studies Students which can be booked by emailing michael.bachmann@glasgow.ac.uk


Writing Dance Workshop

Saturday, 1st Dec 2018, 10 – 5 pm, Gilmorehill Centre, University of Glasgow


Led by Alastair Macaulay with Katrina McPherson, this one-day workshop is designed to introduce and explore ideas, issues and practices of writing about dance and dance on screen. Participants will be guided through a series of discussions and written exercises. The workshop is aimed at artists and writers seeking to widen their experience of dance criticism and the history of theatrical dance. It is also open to post-graduate students and researchers interested in performance, art history and arts criticism.

Workshop Fee £20 /TWR members £5

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There are also a limited number of FREE places available to Glasgow University Theatre Studies Students. For more information on how to apply please contact michael.bachmann@glasgow.ac.uk




Alastair Macaulay has been the chief dance critic of the “New York Times” since 2007. Prior to that, he worked in New York as guest dance critic for “The New Yorker” in 1988 and 1992. He is British, however, and most of his career has been in London. He was a junior dance critic for The Guardian from 1979 to 1990; and between 1988 and 2007 he reviewed theatre, music, and dance for The Financial Times, serving as its chief in the years 1994-2007. In 1983-88, he was founding editor of the quarterly Dance Theatre Journal; in 1996-2006, he was chief dance critic to the Times Literary Supplement. He also taught dance history at BA, MA, and other levels at various colleges between 1980 and 2002; in the years 1987-2002, he was chief examiner in dance history to the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. He is the author of the short biography Margot Fonteyn (1998) and the extensive book of interviews Matthew Bourne and his Adventures In Dance (2011; first edition 2000).

Katrina McPherson is an award-winning screen dance artist, whose creative, scholarly and educational work is at the forefront of the international field. She has collaborated with many performers, choreographers and artists and the resulting single, multi-screen and on-line works have been presented at venues and festivals world-wide. Katrina is the author Making Video Dance, a step-by-step guide to creating dance for the screen (Routledge, 2006), a new edition of which was published in September 2018. www.makingvideodance.com