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Deadline: 01.02.2023
Published: 14.12.2022

Citymoves Dance Agency, Dance Base, Dance North Scotland, Dundee Rep & Scottish Dance Theatre, Tramway Glasgow and The Work Room are pleased to announce their collaboration on a programme of Artist Bursaries. The three bursaries will provide three Scotland-based artists with a fee of £6,000 to support them to continue their artistic work while forming a deeper connection with one or more of the partner organisations across Scotland. 

The last 2 years have had a profound impact on the arts sector with the performance and creative landscape suddenly closing down, and then reopening with a new set of challenges. As we look forward to the next 12-18 months the world around us still feels uncertain and unsteady, both for artists and organisations, and the need to work collectively and collaboratively is more urgent than ever.

It is with this focus that the Love Dance Scotland network now expands to gladly welcome Dance North and The Work Room alongside Citymoves Dance Agency, Dance Base Scotland, Dundee Rep & Scottish Dance Theatre and Tramway Glasgow, to pool their funding from the Creative Scotland Recovery Fund for Cultural Organisations along with their own resources to provide a programme of artist bursaries. 

The aim of these bursaries is to support three dance artists with the funds, infrastructure and support to continue their work as dance artists and for them to use this period to form a deeper connection with the partner organisations. Our hope is that this will continue the development of innovative creative practice in Scotland while also strengthening the wider ecology of Scotland’s dance sector. 

The bursaries will run from March 2023 and we anticipate that they will be spread over a period of four to six months, though shorter or longer periods of engagement are welcome.  


What the Love Dance Scotland Artist Bursaries will provide:

The Love Dance Scotland Artist Bursaries have a total budget of £23,000 with £18,000 being allocated directly to artists. This will support three bursaries of £6,000 each. 

The remaining £5,000 will be used to support access, travel and accommodation requirements for each artist (as required).

Each artist will receive a bursary of £6,000 to be used from March 2023. The artist will manage their budget and timeline according to their interests and needs, and we ask that this is detailed in the budget document at application. We anticipate that the majority of the bursary will support the artists own time, with the remaining used towards project development and provision of professional and personal development.


Black and POC Artists (people of colour)

The Love Dance Scotland Partners recognise that there are significant barriers to working in the dance sector and that these challenges are experienced more acutely by those facing marginalisation and deep-rooted systemic injustice. 

We are committed to increasing the diversity of artists working in our sector and especially welcome applications from those who identify as having characteristics currently under-represented in our sector.

As part of our on-going commitment to support artists who have this lived experience and ensuring that we support the full vibrancy of the dance sector in Scotland, we guarantee that at least one of the awards will be made to an artist who identifies as a Black or POC artist (people of colour). This is a minimum but not a limit.   

Artists are invited to identify if they are part of this community in the application form and this will be brought into the decision making as the bursaries are allocated. 


How to apply:

Head to Dance Base's website to download full call out and access the online application form.


Closing Wednesday 1 February | 11am