The Work Room Board

As a registered charity, The Work Room’s board is the charity trustees with responsibility for governing the organisation. They are responsible for the legal, financial and organisational overview of The Work Room, and the strategy that underpins the membership led structure. The board includes artists who are members of The Work Room along with people who bring their skills and experience from other areas to support our work. 

Emma Jayne Park (She/They)

Member of the board since 2019

Emma Jayne Park

Emma is an independent dancer, theatre maker, collaborator and micro-activist, interested in sectoral change, who has been a member of The Work Room since 2013. Emma joined the board out of an interest in leadership and governance models; contributing their perspective as a disabled, rural-living, working class artist to the board.

Saffy Setohy (She/Her)

Member of the board since 2017

Saffy Setohy

Saffy is an independent dance artist and producer living in Glasgow, who has been a member of The Work Room since 2014. Saffy is passionate about the potential for dance to invite positive transformation. She joined the board out of her interest in the organisation’s ethos, empowerment, and non-hierarchical models of decision making.

Joy Parkinson (She/Her)

Member of the board since 2020

Joy Parkinson

Joy is a communications specialist, who identifies as queer and working class. She is currently Press and Communications Manager at Scottish Ballet and joined the board not only to share her working experience, but because she is inspired by the ways in which The Work Room advocate, empower and support the dance community in Scotland.

Mike Lewis (He/Him)

Member of the Board since 2018

Mike is a legal professional, having practiced as a solicitor whereby he advised and represented a range of individuals and small businesses. He now works as a part time consultant. Mike joined the board having been connected in the setting up and development of the organization through the involvement of family and friends.

Michael Bachmann (He/Him)

Member of the Board since 2018, and currently interim co-chair

Michael Bachmann

Michael is Senior Lecturer in Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Glasgow. As a teacher and researcher, he is interested in the relationship between theatre and other art forms and institutions. This cross-disciplinary interest is one of the things that draws him to The Work Room, where dance is not 'one thing’.

Helen McIntosh (She/Her)

Member of the Board since 2020, and currently interim co-chair

Helen McIntosh

Helen is a producer specialising in dance, movement, and choreographic practice who works with independent artists, organisations and festivals. She joined the board to provide passionate support for the continuation and future development of an organisation that invests in and empowers artists.