Back into your dancing body - register your interest

21 - 24 September @ The Work Room

Arts Practice
Deadline: 30.08.2021
Published: 11.08.2021

Back into your dancing body

21 - 24 September @ The Work Room 

4 days of intensive dance teaching and practice for dancers to reconnect with their bodies and work in the studio together. The idea for this intensive has been developed to meet the needs of those within TWR membership who most often dance in other artists’ projects and would value the opportunity for a period of concentrated dancing to reconnect with your body and in preparation for future opportunities as these begin to open up again.

Each day will begin with a 90 minute technique class, followed by an hour long creative session with a different teacher each day including Aya Kobayashi, Katie Armstrong, Penny Chivas and Sam Vaherlehto. Salma Faraji will also be contributing a guest class to the programme. 

The afternoons will be given over to open studio space for the group of dancers to use as they wish. This may include individual conditioning, sharing practice, working in small groups or simply sharing space and talking.

There are 7 spaces available and participants will receive a bursary of £300 to support participation in the intensive.  We can contribute to any additional access costs for participating including childcare. Participating dancers will also have the cost of a bodywork appointment of their choice covered  (e.g. physio, massage, chiropractor),

To make the most of the intensive, we encourage participation across the full 4 days. However, we recognise this may not always be possible with other work or caring commitments and where there is capacity we will respond to requests to participate on specific days.

As we are all still getting use to returning to the studio, we will be keeping to restricted numbers in the studio and will operate with safe working practices. 

We expect all participating dancers to commit to working in this way. 

Registering your interest:

 If you are interested in participating, please send a short note of interest including

  • A short statement on why you want to participate in this intensive and what you would hope to get from it; 
  • Some information on your experience as a dancer and how this has been impacted during the pandemic;
  • Confirmation that you can commit to the 4-day intensive or information on the days you are interested in and can commit to.

Your note of interest can be submitted via email, as a written document, video or audio file. It should be no longer than 1 page of A4 and video or audio should be approx. 2- 3 minutes. Video or audio submissions should be pasted as a link in the covering email along with any relevant passwords. 

The Work Room is located inside Tramway, which is a level access building. In addition to the financial support offered above, please also let us know if you require any access support to participate, have a preferred method of communication or any other information you would like us to be aware of. 

All notes of interest should be sent via email to by 30 August and we will get back to everyone by 6 September 2021.