Our commitment to Equalities, diversity and inclusion

We take seriously our commitment to Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion and relish our responsibility to ensure an expansive range artists and artistic practices are resourced and recognised.

Our vision is for The Work Room to be a pioneer for diverse dance practices in Scotland and internationally. Our approach to EDI is practice led, supported by a deepening understanding of policy. We aim to make our programmes accessible, available and relevant to our membership - Scotland’s independent professional dance community. As an artist-led organisation, TWR reflects the needs of our members through the programmes we deliver. We are committed to expanding our membership and, as a learning organisation, adapting our operations, communications and programmes to meet the needs of existing and future members.

This vision is rooted in artistic development; a belief that dance resonates, and is relevant for more audiences when it is engaging with and reflecting the diversity of our communities. We champion a practice-led approach to EDI supported by a deepening understanding of policy. We believe that dance, should be at the forefront of social change and must include the experiences of those who are sometimes marginalised.

Our objectives for the period 2023/24 – 2024/235, seek to:

  • Embed EDI into our governance and strategic planning
  • Work towards administration & operational models reflecting EDI practice
  • Ensure an expansive range of artists, and artistic practices are resourced and recognised through our programmes
  • Agitate for a fair, equitable and representative dance sector in Scotland & UK

Read The Work Room's most recent Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion plan here