Member-Led Events

an ongoing, informal invitation to members to propose small scale, one -off artist led activity to benefit the wider membership

Member Events
Deadline: 01.01.2020
Published: 01.01.2020

Member-led events are a strand of The Work Room's programme, which supports artist members to deliver small scale or one-off activities through micro-funding awards. Supported activity is usually something that will benefit both the artist delivering the activity and the wider membership, such as an artist wanting to offer a free taster session sharing their practice ahead of some classes they will then teach, or a moment to experiment with sharing research from an ongoing process. 

This is an open and ongoing, informal invitation to members, to propose small scale and one-off artist led activity which encourages sharing of practice and exchange within TWR’s membership. If you have an idea you would like to discuss with a member of The Work Room team, please email to start a conversation.

The member-led events programme has a small dedicated annual budget which can usually support between 5 – 10 projects a year. Money available to support Member-led events is a small contribution towards artists’ time, usually between £100 - £300, dependent on scope, scale and number of members involved.

In the past, the kind of projects members have proposed include: sharing of practice, sharing of research or resources, delivering workshops, starting a reading group, artist talks, and facilitating sector discussions.

Upcoming member-led projects in 2023-24:

In 2022-23 we supported the following member-led projects:


Member-led events can only be proposed by members of The Work Room. Find out more about who our members are, and how to apply for membership.