The Work Room (TWR) is an artist-led membership organisation. Our members are artists who work in dance, movement and choreography.


“It is so attractive to me, that The Work Room is artist-led. That the artist is the agenda.”

(Louise Ahl, TWR member)

Our mission is to empower artists to lead in their practice, enabling them to make high quality, pioneering dance for diverse contexts at home and internationally.

From our purpose-built studio space within Glasgow’s Tramway, we host supported residencies for choreographers. We are committed to supporting a sustainable environment for independent artists working in dance in Scotland.

We were established by a group of independent dance artists and the priorities of our members continue to inform the organisation’s artistic programme and policies.  Our model seeks to build a culture of responsibility and accountability across our membership, and feed a strong culture of grassroots leadership.

We work across four programme areas:
—Supporting the development of choreographic research through a programme of supported, flexible and independent studio residencies;
—Fostering an active, independent dance community through the facilitation of networking and professional development opportunities;
—Developing the sustainability and international capacity of our artist members through advice and practical support; —Being a powerful advocate for the independent dance sector.

Working with our membership, we have recently articulated the following values which underpin our work: