Artist surgeries with Natasha Gilmore

Thursday 20 and Friday 21 June
Arts Practice | Deadline: 26.06.2019

Natasha Gilmore, Artistic Director of Barrowland Ballet, will be available for 1-2-1 surgeries in The Work Room on Thursday 20 and Friday 21 June. These hour long sessions are by appointment and open to all Scottish based professional dance artists. 

Natasha has forged her identity as a choreographer working in new and surprising ways across art forms, developing her reputation as a collaborator by working with some of the UK’s leading artists; using original composition, text, intriguing design and film to create her bold choreographic style. In 2007, Natasha established Barrowland Ballet, one of Scotland’s most successful contemporary dance companies, built around her artistic work. The company tours nationally and internationally to small and mid-scale venues. Natasha has created work for a variety of audiences; including adaptations of work- for example, Tiger (adult); Tiger Tale(7+) and Playful Tiger (for children 7+ who are profoundly autistic). 

Natasha has extensive experience creating participatory performance projects; she is particularly recognised for her intergenerational work, and has established Wolf Pack – a free intergenerational dance company based in Glasgow. To date, Natasha’s work has been performed extensively throughout the UK and in Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Chile, Egypt, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Poland, South Africa, the USA and The Netherlands.

In these sessions the agenda is set by the artist, which might include one or more of the following suggested discussion topics: 

  • Adapting work for different audiences 
  • National and International Touring
  • Intergenerational practice
  • Participatory practice
  • Work for young audiences
  • Establishing a company
  • Parenthood and working in the arts (Natasha has primary parenting responsibility for her 3 young children)

There are 1 hour slots available between 11:30am until 3:30pm on the following dates:

Thur 20 June 2019
Fri 21 June 2019

Please email to book indicating your preferred time, and the topic/s you would like to explore.