Emma Jayne Park

Emma Jayne Park is a dancer, theatre maker and arts advocate/activist working under the creative handle Cultured Mongrel. Making socio-political performance as a catalyst for encouraging change, her practice invites the audience to engage through questioning their role in the performance, role in the conversation and role in society.

'High octane... energetic, witty and playful'(The Skinny), she plays an active role in challenging outdated infrastructures and invests in the development of a strong arts ecology driven by rigorous practice. She is currently a member of the Freelance Task Force, sponsored by National Theatre of Scotland with a focus on Board reform, pay structures, mental health and transparency.

Her latest research focusses on failure, the imposition of failure, societal failure and the experience of a failing body. This will culminate in the development of a series of performances in various settings, scales and forms: including durational work Lauded, intergenerational work Womxn, mid-scale dance work Influenced and new research Cannot Be Fucked.

In ongoing research she is developing a model of re-scaling large scale theatre work into living room based performances for people who cannot access public performance for medical reasons, as well as developing her practice choreographing middle scale work and as a movement director/ intimacy coordinator with theatre practitioners.

Emma is Associate Artist with The Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival.