Emma Jayne Park

Emma is a dance artist, activist and researcher. Their work is best described as a series of attempts to narrow the gap between ideologies and actions. A combination of making, thinking, and doing - often linked to the socio-political or the seemingly absurd - exploring belonging, intimacy, fallibility and power.

Their practice invests more in people, values and context than definable form. Meaning that it always starts in the body but can become anything: dance, conversation, games, installation, cartography, poetry, geo-caching and more. Emma either works with instantly implementable ideas (Daily Dancing) or decade long enquiries that are sometimes resourced enough to be fully realised (Epic Fail).

They have toured with a range of work invested in connection beyond the transactional, including creating intimate living room performances for people with immunodeficiency or anxiety disorders, with musician Nik-Paget Tomlinson. Since 2019 their international work has focussed on degrowth, long term collaborations and sustainability - including a growing partnership with Yaraqa (Lebanon) and independent artist Colette Dalal Tchantcho (Kuwait/ London).

As an artist often distracted by survival, Emma is known to work closely with those aiming to grow a more equitable industry: as an activist, cultural strategist and developing creative opportunities to build change as Associate Artist with the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival and active Trade Unionist.