Residences Awarded June to Dec 2017, Published

By Anita Clark on 31.05.17

Between July 2017 and January 2018, we will be hosting residencies led by 20 of our members.

Applications for residencies at our most recent deadline, were considered by a working group of members involving Louise Ahl, Joan Cleville, Penny Chivas and Kate E. Deemings. They undertook a challenging job, bringing a high level of care and consideration to the decision making.

Residencies have been awarded to:

Amy Rosas McLachlan, Esther Binu, Eve Mutso-Oja, Katrina Mcpherson, Ian Spink, Adam Sloan/ Indepen-dance 4, Alex McCabe, Claricia Kruithof, Skye Reynolds, Errol White & Davina Givan, Paul Michael Henry, Nina Enemark, Rosanna Irvine, Monika Skemot, Rosina Bonsu and Natasha Gilmore.

This deadline also included partnership residencies with both Platform and Beacon Arts Centre. The residency with Platform has been awarded to Ema Jayne Park who will spend 2 weeks at Platform and a further week in our studio between July and August and the residency with Beacon Arts Centre has been awarded to Rob Heaslip who will spend one week at TWR and a second week at Beacon Arts Centre in September.

In October we will also host a week residency by Julie McGhee as part of our partnership project with Imaginate. Mele Forbes Broomes will undertake a two-week residency in September that was postponed from earlier this year.

We are looking forward to welcoming all these artists and their collaborators into TWR to research ideas, develop new projects and investigate practice.

Information on each of the residencies will be published on our website.

Our next residency deadline will be 1st of August.




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