Claricia Parinussa

Claricia Parinussa is a thinker, movement artist, researcher and producer of Mollucan-Javanese diaspora.
the sky was pink ongoing movement research project is a collaborative thinking body of multiple diasporas.
Questions form around the agency in the inherent labours of navigating this multiplicity internally and externally; intra-actively.
This work has manifested through conversations, writing, performance and video since 2017.

Recent and current projects include:
-sendiri, premiering May 2021
-this silence is (also) deafening. and sometimes there are no words for that (2020) with Rowdy SS and Paradax Period
-Spirit Compass with Lucy Suggate and collaborators, touring
-untitled (shim.mer) for Nick Cave: UNTIL Call & Response, Tramway, with Francis Dosoo

Claricia has held Associateships with Dance Base (2017-2020)and Project X (2017).

As a producer she works with Tramway, V/DA interdisciplinary collective, //BUZZCUT//. She co-leads ID.Y, a QTPOC led-and centred cohort of producers, curators, researchers and facilitators focussed on research, dialogue towards change, platforming, producing and advocating for QTBIPOC artists and communities. Collaborators include Zoë Charlery, Natasha Ruwona, Briana Pegado, Bejal Desai and Sabrina Henry. She is also co-founder and community organiser of Vogue Scotland, home for the underground House Ball community.