Claricia Parinussa Claricia Parinussa Kruithof @ Cove Park


Claricia is an Indonesian-Netherlands movement researcher, artist and producer.

Her research is driven by socio-political issues concerning identity; and current contextual and critical thinking around decolonisation of the body; diversity and representation in the arts.

the sky was pink explores the diasporic body through the notion of a body-schema; an ecology of living and sedimented language, embodied experience, trauma and physical memory. The research manifests through movement scores, writing, sound collaboration and performance.

In this residency Claricia will develop a fourth strand of the sky was pink under mentorship of Luke Pell and Lucy Suggate, and in collaboration with Mark Bleakley.

Recent and current projects include the sky was pink performance series at Hidden Door Festival and Edinburgh Fringe Festival; There is Movement video collaboration with Corin Sworn for Work House, Glasgow International; Imprints (Close Your Eyes and-) collaboration with Mark Bleakley at Edinburgh Annuale 2018, and a new commission for Rhubaba Gallery for October 2018.

I am interested in the ways in which our bodies communicate with us, and the ways in which we communicate with each other through the body. 

In beginning with our own bodies in the processes of dismantling and reconfiguring dominant structures.

In collectively re-telling stories, re-presenting images, re-imagining identities and centring marginalised voices. 


The Work Room & Cove Park Residencies

Building on a partnership which began last year, The Work Room and Cove Park are collaborating again in 2018 to bring opportunities for Work Room members to undertake residencies at Cove Park for themselves and collaborators from other disciplines. The residencies are intended to bring a new dimension to a creative practice or practices.

This year we are delighted to award the residencies to collaborations led by Claricia Parinussa Kruithof and Emma Jayne Park, taking place in September.