Rosanna Irvine

Interdisciplinary choreographic artist creating work in an expanded field including performance, installation, participatory public art, drawing and text. Through the choreographing of relational processes particular to each project, I aim to quieten the individual 'self' to make way for modes of collective sensing that extend to audiences and the material world. These processes often operate through qualities of attention and perception and aim to open spaces for a quiet and radical politics of being, acting and producing through the event of relations.

MANIFESTOS from times of CRISIS - conceived at the outbreak of the COVID pandemic - is a participatory public art work that generates multiple Manifestos for a 'better world'

Breath Pieces (from 2018) a hybrid flexible project. First presented at Tramway as performance installation in June 2018 with multiple component pieces intermingling in an immersive experience of the breathing breath. It includes performance, sound, video, drawing and spoken text.

'Figures Series' (2016-2018) - expanded choreographic project - includes two participatory Public Art works - 'Ah kissing'and [Breathing Line] Gifts for the future'- as well as articles, reviews and interviews with other artists that address intersections between choreography, visual art and participatory practices. The project also includes a collection of choreographic prose scores.

Recent commissions include from GIFT 2020 (Gateshead International Festival of Theatre), Tramway, Dance4 and Siobhan Davies Dance & Independent Dance.