Rosanna Irvine Rosanna Irvine and Kian McEvoy @ Cove Park


Building on a partnership which began in 2017, The Work Room and Cove Park are collaborating again in 2019 to bring opportunities for Work Room members to undertake residencies at Cove Park for themselves and collaborators from other disciplines. The residencies are intended to bring a new dimension to a creative practice or practices.

About the residency

‘During the residency we’ll work with climate change data. We’ll take an initial step in developing an experiential methodology for translating key data into a range of artistic media such as movement, sound, drawing and audio and visual programming. We’ll access a range of data relating to climate change at local and global level e.g. data such as rising water levels and shifting tidal movements, temperature changes, shifting weather patterns; we’ll work with selected data as a compositional contour across art forms of movement, drawing, sound and visual production.

Our intention is to remain ‘true’ to the data content: i.e. not to use the data as a springboard for creative interpretation but to develop a methodology for translating the data from one material form to another. We will ask: how can this data that is a material representation of changes to the body of the Earth be reflected in our human bodies? Or perhaps the question is: how is this data that is a material representation of changes to the body of the Earth be reflected in our human bodies? We will ask these questions though bodily experimentations – with movement, with sound, with breath – and through ongoing attunement to the environment and waters around Cove Park.’ (Rosanna Irvine and Kian McEvoy)