Robbie Synge Robbie Synge / Imaginate @The Work Room


Robbie Synge & Julie Cleves will be completing their Imaginate at The Work Room residency in this week in the studio.

"I am excited to work with close friend and long-term collaborator Julie Cleves along with Imaginate and The Work Room to test ideas around developing a group workshop with young people. Maybe. We will, at least, hold a number of workshops with young people to see what arises through playful invitation to physical cooperation and conversation with us and each other. This may be a stepping stone to a playful participatory event of some kind. 

Julie Cleves and I share a collaborative practice that has been ongoing for about ten years now and has led to many outcomes in film, DIY object designs, discussions and performance encounters of various kinds in art spaces and in public. Our main interest is in testing the possibilities of how we negotiate spaces and terrains together in order to achieve simple ideas - sitting on grass or traversing rough terrain. This is quite a quiet and intimate partnership, but encountering the striking physicality and design solutions of our actions tends to fuel conversations and questions around cooperation, difference, touch, physical access and many more themes."  Robbie Synge