Jusztina Hermann #mybody


Jusztina Hermann is developing a new cross-artform performance #mybody, a show exploring our relationship to body image. 
The performance piece is focusing on means of self-acceptance and self-love in a world where unachievable beauty norms are dictated by social media and peer group pressure. This has serious consequences on our self-image and mental health, causing a sense of isolation, self-loathing and loneliness. The issue affects all of us regardless of gender, age, ethnic background or physical abilities,  specifically adolescents who are undergoing a lot of physical, social and psychological changes and particularly focused on others for approval. 
Jusztina is using elements of dance, physical theatre, circus, puppetry, clown and audio-visuals during her residency to explore the subject. 
The project aims to flip the usage of social media and create life affirming and artistic content for teenagers (and all age groups) to engage with on these platforms before live performances are allowed again.