Laura Bradshaw A Telling – circle and spiral dance research


While our studio remains closed Laura Bradshaw is undertaking her awarded residency as a longer research project remotley with collaborator Rachel Drazek.

A Telling – circle and spiral dance research

 During this residency we will be undertaking a period of research into circle dance. This will inform part of a bigger project entitled A Telling developed during Scrimshaw Projects The Work Room residency in July 2019.

 A Telling will share experiences of miscarriage through storytelling and circle dance. Just like the experience of miscarriage these ancient practices, learned by being passed from voice to voice and body to body, hold their own lineage that spans time. Laura is interested in collective experience of and would like to learn more about circle dance in order to make a dance that holds the things that cannot be said or that escape language; the things that are left in the body from an experience of having a miscarriage.

 The research into circle dance will be a collaboration between lead-artist Laura Bradshaw and movement director and social-dance specialist Rachel Drazek. Laura (Glasgow, UK) and Rachel (UK/Portugal) met whilst studying for their MA in Dance and Somatic Wellbeing and the opportunity and invitation to collaborate at a distance means that they are able to work together on this project. At a distance they will share ideas, research and dance - passing our experience back and forth. At the end of the residency we hope to share a few ideas and findings with other TWR members online.