Laura Bradshaw

I am a mother-artist working within performance, movement and dance under the name Scrimshaw Projects. Working with the autobiography of the body, intuitive movement and practices of embodiment I make performance works for theatre and dance spaces, galleries, healthcare contexts and outdoor spaces. I develop creative movement processes which invite a connection to the living, present body in relationship with other and environment.  
Most recently, in collaboration with TWR member Monika Smekot, I made Matrescence, a Moving Out commission from The Work Room and Tramway. Matrescence is a dance film across 2 screens that was made in and for East Pollokshields Quad in 2022. The work responded to the experience of becoming a mother during lockdown 2020/21 and the movements, sounds, feelings, environments that accompanied this experience.

I also collaborate with Steven Anderson on projects in healthcare settings including Plantar- an audio walk for the senses. Plantar was a WalkCreate commission made specifically for the seasonal gardens at the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice in Glasgow.

From September 2022 to June 2023 I was part of a group of artist/parents making up Re-emerging for The Work Room as part of Creative Scotland’s Radical Care research. More information is on The Work Room website here -