Making work under the name 'Scrimshaw Projects' strengthens my commitment to a collaborative devising process with a wide range of artists who may come and go from the depending on the needs of the work.

The word 'scrimshaw' is taken from the art form of engraving story and memory onto bone. Using this metaphor we draw out experience recorded on the body to make movement works through improvisational and somatic movement forms.


I am co-host of 'Intergenerational Dance Party' - a dance party for all ages. This project was borne out of a desire to spend time moving with people of different ages and this ever-changing facilitated party allows for this exploration to keep evolving.


My research interests currently focus on ancestry and the body through the 'Ancestral Body' project. So far this series comprises:

- 29/92 (Phyllis), performance

- 'The Ancestral Body, research paper

- The Ancestral Body, presentation