Dorine Mugisha

Dorine Mugisha is an international performer, movement coach, events organiser, project manager and retreat leader. Of Tanzanian heritage, born and raised in France, living in Glasgow, and being an avid traveller, she is inspired by an array of cultures and speaks 4 languages; this informs a lot of her work. Dorine’s practice includes a range of styles but guided by feelings first - this has been her strength in developing and building confidence in her own movement.
Her background is in Hiphop and choreography having trained with The Archetype in London then she moved to Glasgow joining A.K.O where she explored Afro and Dancehall. However, her main focus and passion lies within Whacking/Punking, competing across the globe, training, teaching and setting up 'Whacking Scotland'. Winner Freestyle Lab Brussels, Shut it Down Scotland, Waack the World Greece, Disconnection Jam London.

'Asili' is Dorine's first solo performance - it's an autobiographical piece delving into her multi cultural upbringing adapting and navigating through institutions, people and places. The first iteration of her solo, 'Asili' has been showcased at: Breakin Convention London, We Rise Festival Aberdeen, All Europe Waacking Festival Paris, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and as part of 'Staying On' at The Tron Theatre in Glasgow, Teatre de la Vie Brussels. Dorine is currently in the research and developing this work.

Whacking Scotland was created to connect with other whacking dancers within Scotland. Dorine has been setting up regular classes, workshops and events in Glasgow as well as pop ups in Failkirk, Edinburgh and Dundee for 1 year now and

Since 2020, she has been working and collaborating with Tanzanian dancers. She was recently commissioned on the Wondarland Project, in collaboration with French Embassy in Tanzania, and will be continuing this work in partnership with Muda Africa and Habana Habana Dance Festival. She is keen on long lasting, sustainable relationship with the artists there, with the hopes for exchanging and collaborations between more Scottish and Tanzanian dancers.