Ana Norrie-Toch

Ana is a Movement Artist / Choreographer - driven to move with Scottish landscapes, where adventure meets movement.

Recent commisioned film with Wilderness Scotland, shares an insight into Ana's practice. See Link :

As a Movement Director and Choreographer, Ana’s enthusiasm lies with her strong relationship to wild Scottish landscapes, with the influence on the body through journey and experience within these landscapes integral to her work. Within this inclusive wild space, Ana aims to discover movement stories across Scotland and in doing so, encourage you to move the way you move.

Ana's passion has lead to engaging with movement stories throughout Scotland : from being at sea on a creelers boat on the West Coast - to learning to cut peat on the Outer Hebrides, experiencing these stories of the moving body and the people behind them. Most importantly - Ana is enthusiastic to engage with the people and communities behind these movement stories, histories and traditions - with their conversation and insight equal to the landscape/seascape, at the heart of Ana's inspiration.

A strong connection to the landscapes of Scotland paired with an unstoppable enthusiasm for adventure works hand in hand for Ana's movement practice - with these adventures providing a catalyst for her movement vocabulary and inspiration.