Ana Norrie-Toch

I am a Movement Artist / Choreographer - driven to move with Scottish landscapes, where adventure meets movement

​A strong connection to the landscapes of Scotland paired with an unstoppable enthusiasm for adventure works hand in hand for my movement practice - with these adventures providing a catalyst for my movement vocabulary and inspiration.

With a timely emphasis and growing focus on the future of our relationships to our Scottish landscapes - I'm driven to cast urgent eyes on the importance of our interwoven relationship to these landscapes, and to encourage you to move the way you move - with them.

My relationship as a Movement Artist - moving with Scottish landscapes - doesn't just begin when I get there.

The physical journey to these landscapes starts with a chunky self supported cycle - wild camping in these wild spaces. That journey informs my body and mind to move the way I move in these beautiful landscapes - humbled by my tiny size in comparison. An unparalleled feeling to me.

Wild camping and leaving no trace in these landscapes allows me to be fully immersed in the wild - rain, wind or beaming sun.

Lungs full of wild air.
The movement begins the second I start my journey.

​Seeking to build this much needed focus, respect and reconnection - I aim to create space for everyone to be invited back to the wild, raw nature of the outdoors.