Ana Norrie-Toch Remote Residency | Isle of Lewis


Ana Norrie-Toch is a Movement Director/Choreographer, driven to explore movement and physical relationships with landscapes across Scotland, with a passion to research, preserve and share these. Self supported adventure on her bike has been a huge catalyst for this, exposing Ana to people and communities with varied and inspiring connections of movement with landscape.

From the physical rhythm of the fisherman on their creeling boats on the coast, to the cutting of peat on the Outer Hebrides - these cultural traditions and histories are full of movement, natural choreography and physical history. Importantly, the above traditions provide a social space in the outdoors, a place where people come together to engage with the landscape and each other.

This remote residency will be on the Isle of Lewis during April and May 2023, connecting with the local community to understand their physical relationship to landscape through the cutting of the peat. Through conversation and physical experience in this landscape with this community, Ana aims to share the interwoven story of the people within these landscapes, past and present - through the eye of movement.