TWR Friday Social with Pirita Tuisku - Hallowed Walls

14:00–15:30 on 19.03.21

This Friday TWR member Pirita Tuisku (Finland) will be sharing about a recent remote collaboration with artist Thabo Mokolobate (South Africa).

Hallowed Walls was a research on how we can engage with audience through online platform. Dance and Poetry online live performance about people's experience from the pandemic. Working performing together from two different countries from Finland, is it possible? Can this work? How to create the similar experience for people that they would get in theatre. Many questions was in the mind before starting this research. Pirita Tuisku was working from Finland and Thabo Mokolobate from South Africa. After 1 month intensive research and 4 open residency sharing, found many answers. Pirita will share on what challenges they had and what did they learned through this research. 

This research is supported by Creative Scotland and Dance Base. 

As always out Socials will be informal and you are free to participate in a way which suits you. There is no expectation to come prepared to talk or ask questions.

The session will be transcribed with Otter. Ai.

Members can join us on the usual Friday Social code, if you are not a member or if you don’t have the meeting code saved please email to join.

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