Pirita Tuisku

Pirita Tuisku is a Finnish Dance artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She has been working as a Dancer, Choreographer and Teacher in Finland, Scotland, South Africa and in Hong Kong. Places like Surraa Productions, Oulu Dance Academy, Dance Base, Neu Reekie, Edinburgh international festival and Neo Productions. Pirita has also been visiting teacher for National School of arts, Moving into dance Mophatong and Jozi Youth Dance Academy in South Africa.
This international dance artist has been running her own dance school in Finland called Cross Move Company, but is more now concentrating in international work. Which her dance organization Surraa Production is more focused on. Surraa Productions has a project called Sisu, which is a cultural dance pedagogy project aiming to learn through dance from other cultures.

Versatile and energetic woman has already over 15 years of experience working in different fields in dance. Her passion is to create work that will engage with audience, emerge with different art forms and bring alive topics from daily life.