Louise Ahl


Louise Ahl/Ultimate Dancer will be in residence to develop a new solo work, which has been commissioned for The Yard Theatre's NOW Festival 2020. 

Lite Metle is a solo version of the 6 hour epic saga performance Hevi Metle. It is a mystical resistance piece to make the heaviest world light again.

Inspired by the surreal sci-fi novel Amatka by Karin Tidbeck, where reality is manifested through naming things, Ultimate Dancer’s new performance uses sounds resembling words and movements resembling dance to try manifest other worlds. Here we can become an opera singer, can become Greta Thunberg, can become dogs biting sour trees, can become a forever winter solstice, can become bitcoins, can become ancient, can become deep fried milk teeth, can become vantablack, can become romance, can become horror, can go up in flames, can become a clotted blood frog, can be eaten alive, can become a state of mind.

Using uncanny songs and recycled dances, Ultimate Dancer will skew reality in strange directions.