Joan Clevillé Joan Cleville


During this residency I will be conducting some early research and development for a new solo work with performer Solène Weinachter.

Informed by the recent social and political unrest in countries like Catalonia, Turkey or Venezuela, I would like to explore the notion of civil disobedience and bodily vulnerability as a tool for socio-political resistance.

Taking the Greek figure of Antigone as a dramaturgic point of departure, I am interested in examining how the body can become the site of oppression but also a powerful tool for action and non-violent resistance, exposing its vulnerability and interdependence with others.

Experimenting with movement research, breath and voice, we will explore different approaches and use this residency to better understand the challenges and peculiarities of the solo format.


Joan will be opening up their morning practice on Thursday 19th April from 10-11.30am, see info below:

During our morning practice we focus on generating availability in the body and exploring the connection between breath, voice and physicality. Using a somatic approach we will encourage efficiency and awareness in the body in order to ‘undo’ any unnecessary tension and expand our physical and vocal range and articulation.