Karen Anderson Indepen-dance


Indy4’s first early years show FOUR GO WILD IN WELLIES hasn’t stopped touring in the two years since it was made, taking in a diverse range of community venues, schools, theatres and arts centres, travelling as far afield as the Bangkok International Children’s Festival and the Awesome Festival in Australia. 

4GWIW’s Director, Irish-based artist Anna Newell (described by the Guardian as ‘a hero of children’s theatre’), award-winning Scottish composer, David Goodall, and designer Brian Hartley team up with Indy4 once again to create a brand new early years show - STRETCHY. This quirky adventure for audiences aged 3-5 plays around with all things stretchy and boingy; as things and people contract and expand and get tangled up, friendships are made and broken and made again. Guaranteed to delight and entertain its little audience members, STRETCHY is all kinds of fun for all kinds of kids!