Ian Spink

10:20 on 30.11.01

Drawing on our collective experiences of trauma, loss and dissociation we have been examining various forms of stasis - personal, political, evolutionary. 

 At this stage our work is the result of collaborations between writer Selina Boyack, film maker Alan Paterson, sound artist Bill Thompson and choreographer Ian Spink together with the support of a small group of performers including Steinvor Palsson and Penny Chivas. 

Our research and development periods have occupied time at Cove Park, The Work Room, NTS Rockvilla and The Glue Factory, generating a wealth of material - memories, connections, images, sounds and physical states which we have been weaving into a multi-layered narrative.

“My recent experience of heart failure sparked off thoughts of a future project, a multilayered exploration of the dissociative states that are triggered by trauma events. We could interview specialists in chemistry, metallurgy, politics, aneasthetics. We could review aspects of the world situation, the new possibilities. We could explore the anger, confusion, madness, the hope and the darkness, out of trauma and into another reality, scraps of images, ideas, landscapes and dreams in this current state of things.” Ian Spink

There will be a shring of work at 4pm  Sep 21 at The Glue Factory, please RSVP to sara@theworkroom.org.uk to attend.


Image: Alan Paterson