Tess Letham Fair Play / Tess Letham


“What ever happened to Harmony Banks?”  
 This new work is a darkly comic, one-woman dance theatre performance that takes the form of a live mockumentary. 
Through a multidisciplinary approach, the show explores the pervasive denigration of women in celebrity culture. Harmony Banks is a fictional character who was created by delving in to mainstream contemporary culture to question what society, and in particular women, are conditioned to pursue. Harmony exists in an alternative world, which allowed me to playfully shine mirrors on certain cultural stereotypes, and makes a special appearance as an invited guest in my recent show “Remedy for Memory”, as a famous figure in the commercialised love industry. During this residency I will be developing an expansive timeline for Harmony, her rise and fall. Predominately based in character exploration, this new project will delve into ideas for a solo feminist show which explores themes of female media targets and what happens after the spotlight fades. The work will incorporate distinctive physicality and embodied voice/text, as well as testing out ideas through filmed scenes in connection with the main framework of live performance.