Sanath Kumar Sreedharan

With over a decade of experience as a dancer and an accomplished arts manager, I've seamlessly blended the realms of creativity and administration. As a Programme Associate at ArtSpire, I played a pivotal role in National and International Arts projects, managing venues, artists, and curating events. My expertise extends to brand building, social media marketing, and audience development. Beyond the managerial sphere, I've delivered captivating performances as a dancer, drawing from my training under esteemed mentors like Shri Sheejith Krishna and the Hariharans of Kalakshetra.

Recently, as a Production Assistant at Theiya Arts, I contributed to marketing and successfully delivered a production for the Edinburgh Fringe 2023, combining my managerial and artistic prowess. A recipient of the Santander scholarship, I've consistently volunteered for arts initiatives, emphasizing a holistic approach to community engagement. My journey reflects a unique blend of artistic finesse and strategic arts management, making me a dynamic force in the cultural landscape.