Rosie Mackley

I am currently working freelance within Scotland, mainly based out of Aberdeen which is home for me. Glasgow feels like a second home having studied at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland on their BA Modern Ballet from 2017 - 2020 and I always enjoy spending time back here, and also now connecting with new people in more central Scotland.

Due to COVID, I chose to do an MA in Dance Producing and Management. During this period I did a placement with the Learning Department at Northern Ballet which was really insightful and have since done a little work for them delivering workshops relating to their Children's Ballet tour which I really enjoyed. I am currently working across a broad range of things including dancing, choreographing, producing and teaching in a wide range of settings to a wide range of participants which I find really exciting.

In late 2022 I am hoping to develop a previous project further which is looking at and working with young people and their perceptions of body image and mental health, and using dance and conversation to promote positive mental wellbeing.