Rabindranath X Bhose

Rabindranath X Bhose is an artist and dancer based in Glasgow with a performance-rooted practice, pulling movement, text, drawing, and sculpture into close interaction.

His research circles around queer masculinity, sacred transness and spiritual transformation, focusing on a sense of 'crossing over'. His movement practice explores the dance of a body in transition. His performances weave together subconsciously-sourced poetry, gestural drawings as infrastructure, and ritualised objects as props. In his sculptural works, the energy of embodied movement is present in tender gestures and bodily flourishes.

He performed DANCE IN THE SACRED DOMAIN: Body of the Bog at Collective, Edinburgh in Aug 2023 as part of his exhibition of the same name. The research for this performance was developed in a Tramway Supports Residency for his project 'Movement Alchemy: the Gender Fugitive's Toolkit' (2023), exploring the figure of 'the fugitive' to dance through queer ecology, disability justice, and gender transition. Departing from the trans experience of being a gender fugitive, he explored how movement dissolves apparently concrete social codes, leaving a body still and always transforming. These movements are in solidarity with other precarious bodies waiting to become, or in the process of emerging.

Other recent performances include Beyond the Archive, Dundee University with GENERATOR Projects and Bbeyond, Dundee (2022); and At Practise #2 and #4, David Dale, Glasgow (2021; 2022)