Nefeli Stoikopoulou

Nefeli was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, where she studied classical ballet, contemporary and jazz, throughout most of her life. In 2019, she began her Theatre Studies in the University of Glasgow, which provided her with vital theoretical knowldege on post-modern theatre and live art, allowing her to discover a passion for Pina Bausch's work. During her time there, she had the opportunity to devise various projects, such as "Maria", her dance-theatre piece on Mary Magdalene's identity in the 21st century (deeply inspired by Pina Bausch), on which she is still working. Among other projects she worked on was a dance-theatre piece on performing memory: the clash and divide between body and mind, as well as a practice-based performance research on Dona Haraway's academic work, exploring the ecological potentialities of ritual, based on Bausch's "Rite of Spring." She also participated in student-led theatre and film productions.
Creating her most recent piece piece "Maria," she re-discovered her love for dramaturgy, especially in the magic liminality where dance meets the spoken word and the politics of the female idenity in the 21st century. In her practice, she wants to invite bodies in motion, and create space for a dialogue between the intricacies of the human soul with the world we live in today.