Nancy Jacinto (Nancy Ahmar)

Mexican dance artist and performer with a multidisciplinary background. Based in Glasgow. Graduated as Drama Literature and Theatre performer. She has a higher education in Bellydance & Middle Eastern Folk Dance. She is well-trained in Latin American dance (Cumbia, Salsa, Merengue and Reggaeton)

Her artistic work focuses on representing her cultural background and embodiment of female expression and empowerment through the art of Bellydance, pointing up the sense of belonging as a migrant and the feeling of being comfortable in her own-coloured skin and body.

She is keen to explore ways of bringing multiple disciplines together in her dance.

Dance, storytelling and being a migrant in an underrepresented community has inspired her to keep creating dynamics and finding spaces where women like her have access to equality
driven activities. She created LatinoDanceProject to give voice to her minority group in Scotland: Latino American.