MC Laffitte

I have been involved in the dance community in Glasgow for the past eight years. I started my training with choreographer Yasmin Doak (2018-2019) and then joined the AKO group (Afro/Dancehall) and the THREE60 street dance company in 2019. As a THREE60 dancer, I have been mentored by Kemono L.Riot, Adam McMillan, Levent Nyembo and more intensively by Divine Tasinda. My practice is focused on Hip-Hop, Afrobeats and commercial heels.
I always aim to practice Hip-Hop and African diasporic movements in a very organic way, letting the authenticity of the style emerge from within me. In my practice, I use movement to express myself, explore themes and share unique and untold stories. Through an offering of ideas and movements, I hope to open discussion between individuals from all backgrounds so that we connect and relate to each other with respect and compassion.