Maya Bodiley

Maya is a Scottish based artist, moving, performing, teaching and making. She is passionate about sharing practice through artistic collaboration and investing in community centred initiatives. Maya likes to foster an interdisciplinary approach to creations and is committed to creating work which is accessible to diverse audiences and extends to non conventional performance spaces. She is excited by the interplay and richness found in combining her various interests such as theatre, sculpture, film, design, textiles, language and music - with dance.

Maya is a masters graduate from Northern School of Contemporary Dance, having completed her placement in 2023 with Scottish Dance Theatre. In 2018 Maya received a BA in Contemporary Dance training across the University of Chichester and Escola Superior De Danza (Lisbon). After, seeking further training independently in both Brussels and Spain. In 2019 she started freelancing in Northern Spain with choreographer Carmen Larraz, as well as teaching and collaborating in Brighton, UK. Since, she has collaborated with visual artists, dancers and choreographers co-creating and performing both outdoor and work for theatres, in festivals in the UK, Spain, Catalunya and Mexico. Amidst the pandemic Maya sought experience within inclusive movement contexts and began leading movement workshops in care homes and S.E.N schools. In 2021 she joined Entelechy Arts Collective in Deptford, London, whilst also regularly teaching young people and working alongside other artists within Disability-led Arts alongside other projects. Maya met her dance practice through improvisation and feels rooted to a holistic approach to movement and working with people. She is particularly drawn to floor work and partnering and seeks to develop this language through collaborative experience. Maya would like to bring joy and transformation through the arts.