Marie Siobhan Williamson

I am an aerial dancer, that means I flail around on the ground and dangle in the air.
Activism, satire, nature, human connection, and storytelling are what inspire me to create.
Since 2014 I have performed, choreographed and facilitated projects with vertical dance, trapeze and silks. I like to move as an individual, and see others do the same.
One of the areas I've focused on is creating an accessible aerial scene in Scotland with projects like Createability.

I am particularly interested in multi art form and cross disciplinary work, especially using Screendance. In January 2024 I started an MA in Screendance at London Contemporary Dance School, and will be back to Scotland in December 2024.

Fanny Riot is a grassroots, community run collaborative who are led by a team of fannies (non cis males) who bring political, environmental and social issues to life through satirical performance, and invite the audience to engage in conversation about these issues through a healthy and positive way. One of our projects is FLAPS (Fannies Listening with Advice & Peer Support

On a personal level, I wear my heart of my sleeve and have a strong political narrative running through my veins. I want to use my voice from working class, intersectional background, and give stage to those too. I'm dyslexic and dyspraxic, and instead of these being a hindrance, it allows me to break the norm way of thinking rules.