Marie Siobhan Williamson

I am an aerial dancer living between Edinburgh and Glasgow.
After leaving Northern School of Contemporary Dance in 2012 I returned to Scotland and began training in aerial with All or Nothing. Since 2014 I have taught and performed harness work, including vertical dance, which is what I am most interested in. As well as this I train and teach in static trapeze and silks.
On top of this I also enjoy performing physical theatre, especially using satirical and comical character work. With this I perform a lot as an interactive, walkabout performer at festivals and events.
I am particularly interested in multi art form and cross disciplinary work, especially using film and screen as something that can amalgamate with dance and aerial. This for me not only can capture something different from dance, but it becomes more accessible, especially when working site specific. I like to capture Scottish nature and culture in my work.
I have a collaborative called Fanny Riot - self identified women & non binary led protest provocateurs. We are a team of fannies who bring political, environmental and social issues to life through satirical performance, and invite the audience to engage in conversation about these issues through a healthy and positive way.
On a personal level, I wear my heart of my sleeve. I am dyslexic and dyspraxic, and instead of these being a hinderence, they make me think outside the box, and rules for that matter!