Kieran Brown

I’m a dancer, collaborator, creator and sometimes costume designer. I moved to Scotland seven years ago to join Scottish Dance Theatre, working under the direction of Fleur Darkin and Joan Cleville, collaborating and performing work by Anton Lachky, Botis Seva, Damien Jalet, Colette Sadler, Sharon Eyal, 7Oito, Emanuel Gat, J Neve Harrington, Meytal Blanaru, Sofia Nappi and Roser Lopez Espinosa.
In 2019 I created; ‘In the spirit of material’ a dance work developed in relation to three bubble wrap garments designed and created by myself. It explored ideas of transformation, materiality, and the juxtaposition of the natural and artificial worlds. I’m interested in sustainable practices and materials. I’m fascinated by the relationships between the body and the act of dressing, and how something we choose to wear can reveal parts of our selves. I’ve assisted in styling Fleur Darkin’s Velvet Petal Bedroom and designed costumes for Achilles by Glenda Gheller for Ocram Dance.
My movement practice is routed in the body, learning with and from its intelligence. Questioning habitual patterns and finding new pathways for more effective and efficient movement. My current practice is supported by Yoga, Feldenkrias and Improvisation. I’m inspired by movement idiosyncrasies and the subtle nuances of physicality’s. Communication, connection and play are really important to me. I love to be in collaboration and discussion, learning and listening with movers, artists and people from all walks of life. I enjoy working collectively and believe in challenging traditional hierarchies within dance. I would like to research and explore mediation and dramaturgy, and touch based movement practices.