Kathleen Heil

leaves, 2017; artwork: Jules Bradbury Credit: moyastrela
leaves, 2017; artwork: Jules Bradbury Credit: moyastrela

My current practice investigates the barriers, often invisible, that hinder access to institutions and structures of power for those in exile, who are themselves rendered invisible by the act of exclusion. In my multi-disciplinary work as a dancer, writer, and translator, I seek to understand how we can make visible the journey from a place of exile to one of authority. John Berger calls tenderness a “defiant act of freedom,” and similarly I view performance as a modality through which to challenge structures that exploit and exclude. In the moment of creation—whether composing text or performing in a space—I wish to be fully present, to accept the dictates of the moment and respond with humility and courage. My practice also extends to collaborating with artists on cross-disciplinary research and performance projects as well as sharing my knowledge through the teaching of workshops on composition in movement, text, and performance.

email: kathleenheil.net/email