Jer Reid

Music for/ with dance, dramaturgy, co-choreography. I have worked with both composed and improvised music with dance. Works include Curious Seed's Found with Luke Sutherland, and Cairngorm Snow and Fracking with Solène Weinachter/ Collective Endeavours. I have a particular interest in improvisation as a performance practice. I have worked with many dancers and musicians in improvisation groups such as Decline with Penny Chivas and Sara Bizzoca; and with the large music/dance improvisation group Collective Endeavours with core members Solène Weinachter, Alex South, Aya Kobayashi, Molly Danter, Elena Inei and Nerea Gurrutxaga. In this group we have built a methodology around group improvisation that we have taken to workshops to professional and non-professional dancers/ movers.

I also work in other aspects of dance. As a physical performer in Ultimate Dancer's Holy Smoke; as a dramaturge in dance for camera pieces for film makers Brian Hartley and Corin Sworn and with choreographers Rosalind Masson, Paul Michael Henry and Sarah Hopfinger; and as a sound engineer and designer on various productions. Recent works include Rosalind Masson's No Man's Land, Corin Sworn's A Fuzzy Set, Paul Michael Henry's Shrimp Dance and tour dramaturgy for Sarah Hopfinger's Pain & I.