Fiona Anderson

Fiona Anderson is a Performance Artist and Dance Movement Psychotherapist based in Perthshire.

I create performance as a way of understanding the world. If there's a question that I'm stuck over, a feeling that is too strong or complicated or a situation in the world that is incomprehensible, I dance. In the dancing, I approach the unknown within myself and here is the place where the richness pours forth.

My work is inspired by human behaviour, relationships, social interaction and expression of identity. I often open up my performance making to collaboration or community engagement as a way of sharing the joy and transformative power of performance creation. I use movement, dance , voice and physical theatre to express personal and social experiences with humour and honesty. I often use improvisation and play as a method of researching and creating work.

My practice as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist informs my artistic practice and shapes the way I make work. I am passionate about the democratisation of creative practice and endeavor to create work which opens up conversation, empowers and brings people together.