Clive Andrews

My career/life practice, research, training and performing has been across the various movement based forms of Circus, Physical Theatre and Dance. I have worked extensively as a solo Contemporary Clown. Performed in Janis Claxton Dance Human Animal series and in the Dance Theatre works of Angus Balbernie.
I was Dramaturg with Janis Claxton Dance on a number of shows and was Performance Director and Rehearsal Director for POP Up duets.
This led me, along with the wealth of experience in various body and performative techniques to pursue an MA in Directing Circus and Performance from which I graduated in March 2021 with a distinction. My main area of expertise is Movement Dramaturgy.
I am currently researching and developing work for a Dance Circus piece around Grief and Living in Present Absence. In particular exploring embodied absence and disembodied presence. This has been informed by Covid restrictions, working with performers online and integrating these video performers into live performance. I have a primary interest in the expressiveness of the whole human through emotionally embodied movement in cogent theatrical contexts.
I am currently continuing my ongoing interest in movement improvisation by taking online classes with Sten Rudstrom.