Catriona O'Connor

I am Catriona O’Connor and I’m currently based between Scotland and London. My work stems from lived experiences, focusing on themes of identity, queerness and relationships. I aim to bring a sense of freedom and playfulness within my practice and enjoy making work that is bold, daring and intimate. I work with improvisational techniques such as Jeanine Durning's Non-Stopping method, as well as drawing from my technical training in cunningham and ballet.

I co-founded Chewed Pink, a queer female-led dance theatre collective that creates multidisciplinary works existing between the realms of imagination and real life. The camp, characterful nature of our work injects contemporary dance with tension and tenderness as we explore the world of the weird and wonderful. The company made their debut at Resolution Festival 2023 in London with their piece I Can't Take My Body Off, which explores female relationships to ourselves, others and the world. We are now expanding our repertoire and are in the early stages of developing a duet, exploring femininity, folklore and ritual through a queer and contemporary lens.