Andy Dragoescu

I graduated in 2020 with a First Class BA(Hons) Dance and Drama from Kingston University and Edinburgh College. My creative practice is broadly based on improvisation and ensemble with flavours of contemporary dance and physical theatre. I aim towards interactive performances and immersive elements - I enjoy the level of engagement, and impact these have on an audience.

An ongoing project is developing my teaching practice for partnered social dances such as Blues and a new emerging amalgamation of styles called Fusion. Finding ways to teach movement and dance without necessarily teaching "moves".

In both instances I have a fascination with micro-movement, creating a large impact using the smallest movements and gestures. I am exploring the ways micro-movements can be used in contact with our surroundings and with other dancers to create connections with oneself and others. I am keen to experiment and see how that translates into two different directions - performance and community building.