Amy Robertson

I work mainly as a dancer and movement collaborator. As a performer, much of the work I have done has involved voice work and story telling alongside movement, I really enjoy moving my voice along with the rest of me as well as having the chance to tell stories in ways with and beyond words. Some of the companies I have worked with include; Rob Heaslip Dance, Curious Seed, Bridie Gane, Julia James-Griffiths Dance as well as in some film and television work.

Before wandering down the dance path, I started with a degree in engineering. In many ways I'm still very much with this way of thinking about bodies, space and information, I think it will always play a part in my practice. Playing, trying, considering multiples make a whole, problem solving and constant curiosity are some of the most enjoyable shared aspects in engineering and movement/making for me.

More recently I have been engaging in regenerative practices; practices that sustain, that shift perceptions and that celebrate our earthliness.