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In Motion, is our new online screen dance resource. We have been commissioned by digital arts platform The Space to produce a short series  showcasing independent dance artists making work for screen in Scotland. It highlights Scotland’s dance artists combining film and dance to make powerful creative expressions about the world we live in.  

Produced by Katrina McPherson (TWR member and an award-winning director, screen dance artists and author of ‘Making Video Dance’), Lewis Landini, Owra Barua & Monika Smekot. In Motion will distribute 4 screendance works along with new films interviewing the creative teams about the process behind making their films.  

The first film will be released on Tuesday 3 April and will be available to watch here on our website, Facebook and new YouTube channel

3 April - Movement in Progress by Lucas Chih-Peng Kao & Kai Wen Chuang

10 April - Faux Pas by Stasis & Daniel Cook

17 April - Cells of Illegal Education by Farah Saleh

24 April - Never Walk Alone by Bridie Gane & May McQuade



Latest Film In Motion: Cells of Illegal Education

In Motion: Cells of Illegal Education
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Previous Films
In Motion: Faux Pas
In Motion: Movement in Progress
In Motion: Cells of Illegal Education

The third film of our #InMotion18 screendance film series is released today! Watch Edinburgh-based Palestinian dance artist Farah Saleh on creating her dance film ‘Cells of Illegal Education’.

Cells of Illegal Education looks at gestures of civil disobedience carried out during the First Intifada in Occupied Palestine. These gestures were taken by Birzeit University students between 1988 and 1992 when the Israeli military shut down schools and universities, restricting access to education. Young people organised illegal classes and meetings in protest, some of which were documented providing archival resources that Farah worked from.

The piece has previously been exhibited at Somerset House CCA Glasgow HAU Hebbel am Ufer and Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival so our interview with Farah is an opportunity to learn more about the making and process of creating this powerful work.

C.I.E. features an original soundtrack by Muqata'a - مُقاطعة

As well as being a member of The Work Room, Farah is Associate Artist at Dance Base

In Motion: Faux Pas

Here is our second film for screendance series #InMotion18. This is dance artists Aniela Piasecka, Isabel Palmstierna and filmmaker Daniel Cook (Stasis on creating ‘Faux Pas’, a gutsy music video about women reclaiming the streets at night, shot for electronic music record label Nautilus Rising (Sub Club Glasgow).

Faux Pas subverts preconceived ideas of women dancing in music videos, pushing back against stereotypes and assumptions to create a dance film that refuses to conform.

In Motion is a new screendance film series commissioned by The Space Arts that highlights how Scotland’s choreographers and dance artists are combining film and dance to make powerful creative expressions about the world we live in. A new film is released on our Facebook and YouTube each Monday.

In Motion: Movement in Progress

Here it is, the first film of #InMotion18, our new series of dance films and artist interviews all about screendance! Award-winning Director and The Work Room member Katrina McPherson talks to Taiwanese filmmaker Lucas Chih-Peng Kao and dance artist Kai Wen Chuang (London Contemporary Dance School graduate The Place) on their film Movement in Progress.

Kai moved house twelve times in the space of two years when she lived in Glasgow, so their piece fuses documentary film and dance to communicate her experience. A must-see for anyone who has travelled a lot and understands how it feels to live out of boxes:

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