Live Streaming with OBS Workshop

13:00–16:00 on 08.03.21

In this workshop Lucas Kao will sharing his experience of streaming from his recent collaborating on “Ballad of the Crone” with lead artist Leonor Estrada with designer/visual artist Rubén San Román.

They will cover the following:

-Streaming ABC with Open Broadcast Software (OBS) to Youtube/Facebook
-Streaming with DSLR using capture card and external microphone.
-Titles, Graphics in OBS.
-Scenes/sources switching in OBS.
-Using OBS as a virtual webcam for Zoom/Online meeting.
-Other possibilities with OBS.

The workshop aim to get through the basics of streaming and technology barrier to help you start streaming your show/performance live or using pre-recorded material.

We are also open for any request/ideas you want to explore on streaming, please send them to Sara by Friday/5th/March.

-Please download OBS before the workshop.
-If you want to practice streaming to youtube, please enable the streaming 24hr beforehand. Instruction:

If you are curios and want to do some initial research, Twitch has a good guide on starting too.


The workshop will be free to members and any freelance artists/filmmakers/theatre makers interested, to attend email to book your place.


Ballad of the Crone was supported by Surge and Creative Scotland and premiered at Manipulate Festival in 2021.

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