Embodied Explorations for Curious Humans

12:00–16:30 on 28.08.22

Physical Listening workshop with JoAnna Mendl Shaw

A somatic practice that sharpens our noticing and creative decision-making skills. Physical Listening seeks to investigate and deepen our human capacity for multi-sensory awareness – a level of somatic awareness we gradually limit as we favour visual and verbal mental functions. 

JoAnna Mendl Shaw has previously taught workshops in Scotland at the invitation of Rosina Bonsu. While she is in Glasgow this August, we were keen to create space for JoAnna to share her practice with Scottish dancers and movers. 

This workshop will explores a central inquiry through somatic experiences, guided improvisations, doodling, journal writing, movement making and group brainstorming. It is open to dancers, choreographers, improvisers, actors and all movers. 

JoAnna Mendl Shaw is a veteran choreographer and dance educator, who has been devising performance works for stage, rural and urban landscapes since the 1980’s. Her body of interspecies performance works embody visceral engagements with the natural world and immersive engagement with diverse communities. In her research into the human-equine dialogue, Shaw has been expanding the parameters and strategies for dance-making, since 1998. Her company, The Equus Projects, has toured throughout the United States and Europe for over 20 years, creating site-specific works in collaboration with local equine and arts communities. 

An internationally recognized dance educator, Shaw has taught on faculty at NYU, The Juilliard School, Alvin Ailey, Princeton, Mount Holyoke and Montclair State. Shaw is the recipient of NEA Choreographic Fellowships and multiple NEA grants for Interdisciplinary Performance. She has brought her somatic practice of Physical Listening into elementary schools and academic think tanks, into the Strategic Studies group at the Naval War College and NYU Medical School She is a certified Laban Movement Analyst and author of the 2021 book, Physical Listening, A Dancer’s Interspecies Journey. 


BOOKING - pay what you can guidance

This workshop can be booked through Brown Paper Tickets on a sliding scale based on individual circumstances.

£0 | £5 | £10 | £15

We would suggest: 

— If you have had limited opportunity to earn recently, haven’t been able to access any of the government support for freelancers or are currently in receipt of benefits, you can attend this workshop for free or £5 if you feel able to contribute

— If you have had some regular income recently, and/ or government support for freelancers and you currently have some work coming up, please consider paying £10 or £15

— If your income is stable, perhaps through some salaried work and you know you have regular work coming up please consider paying £15

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