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Continuing......... Anna Krzystek

This development phase of Untitled #1 is continuing.. I'm so used to thinking that the work I do in the studio is my actual work and all the admin and planning is just something that I have to do. But it is also WORK. I'm so slow...

Thank you all Anna Krzystek

Wow! it's now been a week since my work in progress showing in The Work Room studio - the days pass so incredibly swiftly.

Untitled #1 has moved forward immensely during my residency time and over all I'm super excited about...

Untitled #1 Anna Krzystek

Anticipating my return to The Work Room studio after an abrupt end to the 1st part of my residency back at the end of january when I was unexpectedly injured and left hobbling about for days. I was indeed horrified as I have...

Nijinsky's Last Jump Kally Lloyd-Jones

Touring Spring 2016

"Lloyd-Jones does not sentimentalise her material, yet in this impeccably researched, beautifully performed piece, she conjures a world in which genius and insanity, youth and age speak to each and make...

SEXTOYS at Kinning Park Complex 3:30 tomorrow Ian Spink

we were banned from Hidden Door festival so we've relocated, to Glasgow. Come and see us at Kinning Park Complex tomorrow 3:30 pm (45 minutes)

free performance ART MEETS NOISE (next door to Kinning Park Subway)

with Bill...

ilYoung youth project ilDance

We have just completed the audition for our annual youth project ilYoung. In 2015 directors of ilDance Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer will be joined by indipendant choreographer Lotem Regev (Israel) who together with Brummer and...

Artists’ Residencies

What they say about us

"What a beautiful space, and such a rare gift to be able to spend such a concentrated amount of time under our own steam, able to do what we need to do, and when, and really focus on making this work"

Company of Wolves – Residents 2016

“It is a resource to be treasured”


“This form of dedicated space builds confidence around the work, acknowledging that art is of importance and should be supported. This confidence and support in turn encourages artists to make advances in the their practice”

Anna Krzystek – RESIDENT DANCE ARTIST, 2009 & 2010

“The Work Room enabled me to work at my own pace and to work anonymously and quietly. I really appreciated the opportunity to work uninterrupted and without any outside interference”