Zinzi Buchanan


In residence: Zinzi Buchanan | The Space- Maker & the Shape-Shifter

The space-maker & the shape-shifter

Zinzi: I intended to go into researching the second part of The Pits - a performance project that looks at the connection between mining and mental illness - I wanted to honour the sun; something that miners have too much or too little of and some mental illnesses could be seen as lapsing at odds with the sun's rhythm.

Instead, I am left with a sculpture made of clay. It fits perfectly between the first and second fingers and rests on the heart of my palm. It does not quite fill my hand and seems smaller than an average adult human heart.

It was left to me by a friend who decided to end their life and my heart, although broken, becomes my guide again. Setting questions aside, I find solice in dance and vocal improvisation. I listen for the space-maker* to open inner worlds for the shape-shifter*. From the outside, I am turning in circles, calling for the sun to rise again. 

* The space-maker and shape-shifter are words my friend Xenia Taniko used to describe our characters when we danced together in 2021. Xenia the space-maker and I the shape-shifter.