White & Givan


Worn will explore the histories etched into and onto the body and how these affect our movement and personhood over time. Throughout our residency we will explore the personal and shared embodied histories, and the ways we consciously and unwittingly create and renew their meaning. The body retains visible marks particular to an event alongside the responses to daily use. Sometimes physical or psychological injury is internalised and the body accommodates by stooping, slowing, or tensing in protection. All of our unique lived experience is continually etched like a geological stratum into our beings, whilst our bodies themselves are in a constant state of cellular renewal. When dwelled upon these seen and unseen marks can transport us back to the wounding event, alight with the sensory richness of the remembered experience. Other times we are near blind to their presence yet they are still there telling our stories and underscoring our vulnerability.

This residency is offered in partnership with Marcrobert Arts Centre Striling where White & Givan will undertake their first week of residency. 

White & Givan will be holding a sharing of work in progress on Fri 22 Feb, 5.30pm in The Work Room studio, please RSVP to sara@theworkroom.org.uk if you would like to join us and see what they have been developing.